Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Best Ice Pop Molds Ever Made

I was looking for some ice pop molds yesterday on Amazon. I had already picked out what brand I wanted and was scrolling through my options when I came across this
Click this picture for full viewing pleasure
Well! That price seems totally reasonable for a set of 6 ice pop molds. Whatever it's made from must be cutting edge. I bet those molds would make it through all kinds of disasters. Fire? No problem! Tornado, flood, earthquake, hurricane? Tracking device. Dog chewed them up? Not possible! These one of a kind molds must be indestructible. Since some electronics company is selling them I'm guessing each mold comes with the newest ipad/ipod for your entertainment. Also included (I'm guessing) is the newest flat screen HDTV with 3D technology. Also, throw in a brand new Ford F350 for daddy while you're at it. That price is starting to make sense now. Ok, for it really make cents (haha) it also comes with a RV! That sleeps 6 comfortably and makes your travels across the country with small children incredibly tolerable. 
I'll take it. Just wait until my husband sees the bill! He'll know I got a real bargain with this. 

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  1. thanks for your kind comment on my post!

    I couldn't see your blog from your profile but now I can!

    I can't wait to dive in and snoop around!