Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tuesday night baseball

So... last night we went to a baseball game. For free. Cause we are cool like that. (also because my dad and T were sort of invited to a promotional thing)

Friends, it was HOT. I suncreened and equipped the children with hats before we left. Thankfully the event was indoors and we stayed inside for approximately 35 minutes. It was crowded and we had three kids, so we grabbed some complimentary hamburgers and hot dogs, ate as fast as a 4, 3 and 1 year old can then headed outside because, good grief, those children cannot sit still.
While outside we got to watch a rain dance. They radio station people in charge of this event were really paranoid about offending anyone (everything is offensive nowadays). They even had their lawyer present.
I thought they did a decent job at being respectful and whatnot.
We were pretty happy we didn't venture out on the field after they surprised the participants telling them it would last FIVE whole minutes with them walking in a big circle with their hands up. In the 106 degree blazing temps. We were sweating (heavily) just standing in the shade. (No one had to be carted off the field though)
Rose observing the rain dance
Ry with an empty stadium background
And eventually the game started and we watched
not a clear pic. My mom managed to win 2 tickets to the owners suite. notes were taken.
Mom was really concerned about us peasants sitting in the stands and had to come tell her grandkids she loved them and give them an abundance of snacks before abandoning us to be escorted to the fancy suite with her one guest (it wasn't me)

that's a cup of water he's drinking.
Documentation that, yes, I was present. Scowling child- Rose, because I wouldn't let her run down the steps and flirt with the outfielders
A few minutes after that picture we decided to venture to the grass seating but while walking by the room where the promotional event was we took an unexpected turn inside. Air conditioning. Free drinks. (although T did tip pretty nicely, so not entirely free)

This next picture is somewhat amusing. Please enjoy.
I'm guessing he thought there would be a flash, since he did this on purpose.
We enjoyed ourselves. And I hope you enjoy something today,

side note to T: I'm really sorry I wrote "monies" in my previous post. I may have done it to irritate you. Or because I thought it was awesome. However, I will use boring words like money or funds from now on just because I sort of love you.

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