Friday, July 29, 2011

I Betcha Didn't Know...

It's Friday and I thought you'd enjoy a round of "I betcha didn't know"...
  • I drink orange juice straight out of the container. Unless I know you are coming over to enjoy some orange juice... and then I just don't offer you any. 
  • It took all week to put the laundry away. From last week. 
  • I used to lurk on "mommy message boards" but now I don't. Too much drama. Instead, I lurk on random blogs
  • I found Spider Man in my kitchen last night. 
Scaling the cabinet that also hides the really old Halloween candy.
  • I debated eating a lemon for a snack yesterday morning. I was feeling quite famished.
  • I can't eat a peanut butter sandwich (No Jelly. Gross.) without potato chips on the side. I can't really explain this.
  • Speaking of jelly... Jello is also on my Foods to Avoid list. It wiggles? Bounces? Jiggles? Food should not do these things. Especially while I'm trying to eat them. 

  • I had to consult my friend Miss Google to figure out how to take a screen shot to show you the above "Original Wiggle"
  • My posts might get way cooler now that I know how to do that. Don't actually count on it, though.
Will you have a fantastic weekend for me? Thanks ever so much,

1 comment:

  1. While scrolling down this post i read the bullet about spider man (but couldnt see the pic yet), so gave you a crazy "WHAT!" look, then scrolled down and understood. Then proceeded to laugh out loud pretty hard. Good thing no one was home; well except KK who did ask, "Mommy what are you laughing at". Oh well, the 3 year old thinks I'm crazy; it was just too funny