Monday, July 25, 2011

Wedding Weekend pt 1

Friday afternoon T and I headed out to Houston/Spring for the wedding of his long time friend K. T was a groomsman and we decided to be good and attend the rehearsal, thus leaving Friday afternoon and staying the night with some friends. The rehearsal was everything you could imagine it to be. I sat with one of our friends who is getting married in December and talked to her about planning a wedding. I told her to ignore the bossy woman up front who came with the venue as a coordinator because she would be directing everything herself. (We may or may not have come up with a terrible nick name for the lady.)

After we left the rehearsal dinner we drove to April Sound.... yeah. We totally made friends with all the right people. Saturday we woke up (T and I slept on bunk beds... not as awesome as you would think) and had breakfast tacos and thank-the-good-Lord, coffee.
 We then drove down to the marina and hopped on a boat and chillaxed until around noon on Lake Conroe. T and M (another friend) had to go to the wedding venue and get dressed and take pictures and nonsense like that, so I hung out at the house with Jess (M's fiancee) and got ready to go.
The rest of our crew finally came back from the lake and in record time we all headed to the wedding.
There was a cool island that we sank anchor at. Beautiful.

This is where I'll leave you hanging. More to come tomorrow. I've got to take care of some of some things that were neglected while we were having an awesome weekend.

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