Monday, July 18, 2011

My "free time" Friday

I know y'all have been hanging on to the edge of your seats wondering what I did on Friday. After I got all the animals fed and watered I cleaned the car and washed the breakfast dishes. I decided then that I'd go ahead and travel an hour away to the city to visit some of my favorite stores. Target and Old Navy. I am happy to say everything I bought was on clearance so I got quite a bit for my budget. Last year I found the warmest pants ever from Old Navy and while browsing the clearance racks there they were! I only had one pair and longed for another pair during the winter. I found them! And I found T a pair (in the men's section). The boys unfortunately got left out of my shopping. I don't know why, but girl clothes were in abundance everywhere but the only clearance boy clothes I found were for infants. Rose got a pair of shorts for the rest of summer and a couple of things for next year. She almost never gets new clothes because my cousin passes down her kids' clothes to me and our goddaughter does the same.

The kids loved the zoo. D-Man was disappointed that they couldn't see the giraffes, but otherwise had a great time and loved telling us about it. Ry was happy he got to see a zebra and birds with red, scary eyes. Apparently they also saw a monkey grab something from a trainer and throw it on the ground. I think they were a bit astonished that a man was in with the monkeys.

I'm ready for some iced coffee before I start in on the weekend cleanup. Have a great Monday,

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