Monday, July 4, 2011

Weekend Recap

Friday I packed up the kids and took off with my mom, aunt and cousin to a small town about an hour away to have a picnic. (Yeah, we drove an hour with three kids to have a picnic.) It sounds a little crazy, but my mom lived in that town a few years when she was growing up, so it's got family history. We went to the an old mill by the river and had our picnic. It was beautiful (even though we were all melting from the heat and humidity). After that we went downtown and walked through a museum, some shops, and took the kids to a local park to run off their energy. Before we headed home we stopped at Sonic and got cherry limeades... cause that's what you do.

Saturday. We headed out (once again) for a lengthy drive to a welcome home party for CLB. We ate lots of barbeque and cake and then headed over to his mom's house to continue catching up. While we were there the boys got to take their god-sister's Barbie Jeep for a drive and hand feed deer. We had a great time.

K was still in control of the Jeep for the most part (even when she wasn't driving). For some reason they are all fascinated with looking at the back tires while driving so there were a lot of "Look where you're going!!" moments. (Mainly from me.)

Sunday. We loaded up again and went to Small Town East where we picked up really awesome stuff like chicken feed, water hoses and (vital for our mornings) coffee. Then we ate at a small restaurant/deli and discovered they made some really darn good pizza. After that we met up with my sister and bro-in-law at my mom's, dropped Rose off there, packed into her SUV and drove another hour away to see Cars 2. We got there 20 minutes late and I decided to wait for the next showing...If only I had known that kids movies had an hour of pointless crap before the movie! Anyhow we drove around and got some DD coffee, browsed around R.E.I and laughed at wine glasses for camping and $400 kayak paddles. It was finally time to watch the movie. The boys were super excited and loved it.

We had a long (good) weekend. Tomorrow I'll elaborate on the picnic and have lots of pictures. I hope you all have a great 4th of July. Happy Independence Day!

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