Friday, July 22, 2011

Making it up

So... it's been busy around here for me the last couple of days. I totally slacked off in the blogging and I'll understand if any of you want to send some complaints my way. You may have been relieved to see me post almost nothing because maybe that's better than reading about my ongoing laundry battles.
In any case, I'm back.

This weekend T and I are off to our friend's wedding. T is a groomsman and totally rocks his new very black suit. I even got a new dress for the occasion. It's a maxi type dress (it even has pockets!) and it looks alright. I'm not sure if I'm rockin' it or not, although my mom, sister and the sweet man I married all say it looks great. Here are the reasons I bought the dress:
  •  It was one of 3 longer dresses in the store (why is everything so short?)
  • and I loved the idea of pockets on me rather than making my hubster (did I really just call him that? Sorry.) carry my camera, lipgloss and any other random junk I think I might need in his suit pockets.
  • I tried it on and it fit! 
  • In the process of trying it on a certain 3 year old tried to show a certain Mama's body off to the rest of the store's customers by flipping open the curtain of the changing room and I wasn't dealing with that again for any other dresses
  • My mom said it looked really good (she was helping corral the kids)
  • It was in my budget!
  • I also had 25% off with a coupon
  • I was sold
I'm sort of nervous. What if everyone else is wearing short dresses? At least all the other women, if there are any men sporting short or long dresses I have nothing to worry about. I know I don't need to worry since I'm not exactly the girl in the spotlight... still, you know what I mean, I want to fit in. Does that ever change? I never have been one to want to stand out in a crowd.


I bet y'all want to see some cute pictures of my kids. I just uploaded this weeks pictures so here we go.

Ry was so kind to help Rose with her tea party. The other two guys were busy building something. Can you see Ry's true enthusiasm here? He's a wonderful big brother.

That's just the cutest little girl ever. She was playing with my hair and then peeking around at me and squealing when I saw her. She's just sitting pretty here.

D was building something for his Daddy. Daddy wasn't allowed to play with it though. It was just to look at. (I think that has something to do with the musical cable car T's cousin brought back from San Fransisco that is technically his but we don't let him play with it.)

Some random things you may be interested in...
  • If you need to order prints of pictures you can get 200 for $2 at Snapfish using the code JULY200PRINTS (good until 7/26/11) *4x6 prints only*
  • Oh, I guess that's it. I thought I had more but turns out I lied. But I used Snapfish a week ago and got 129 prints for .99 +shipping. The prints turned out very nicely. You can also pick them up from Walgreens and Walmart and some other places.
  • Here it is! Old Navy is having a 30% off sale (not on any kids stuff though) through 7/22/11 Just enter code: ONBIG30 during checkout. They have some great stuff on sale right now that I would buy up for next year (or the rest of this summer) if I were buying anything. But I'm not, because I did that last Friday.
Give me some feedback... Would y'all like to hear about the discounts and random offers that clog my inbox? Like the Snapfish and Old Navy offers? Cause I get them from more places and would like to share if you are interested. Comment if you want it.
Have a delightful weekend,

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