Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's Melting

I am a little sad about this. I am letting the garden go. It's free to go find a new home where it's about 25 degrees cooler and rains every once in a while. Unlike here where it's 99 or 100 every day (this isn't supposed to be happening yet!) and only drizzles once a month. All I had left were the tomato plants and peppers. The grasshoppers eventually did find my garden and, wouldn't you know it, they love the peppers this year. Last year they left the peppers and basil alone. This year... not so much. They aren't too bad on the tomatoes. However, the tomatoes are producing miniature red blobs (roma & early girl). The Roma's are like grape tomatoes and the early girls are about the size of golf balls. My brother gave us some tomatoes and they look normal. I'm a little depressed, but hopefully in September we will plant some different things that will actually do something. It's too dry and hot here. I'm tired of wasting water on them.

In other news, my sister in law is coming over with her little girl and we are going to hang out while it's only 89 outside this morning. I've got to go fill up the pool. I hear Rose waking up so I better get things going around here.

See ya Manana,

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