Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Day Trip. Round 2 (the end)

When I left off yesterday we had just done a lot of walking around trying not to melt from the heat... It was finally time to sit down and eat.
They had a delicious meal of Cheetos, cookies and yogurt. (It was a special day, who am I to force them to eat a sandwich and watermelon?)
After the park we found a museum downtown and strolled around in the air conditioning for a while.
Ry sporting a KoolAid mustache and observing oil well construction
Then... we went to the park. The kids ran off all the energy they could muster since the humidity and heat were sucking it out pretty fast anyway. It was finally time for one last push on the swings and one last slide...

Some one was having a great time on those swings. (As for the condition of the swing set... I was totally not worried at all about lead paint. I also thanked the heavens that my child couldn't reach over and scrape some into her mouth.)
We ended our day with Sonic's Cherry Limeades. The kids slept all the way home and I tried not to nod off too. It was very nice to get away from home for a few hours to play. 

Can you believe it's already Wednesday? Me either.

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