Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The brief (not boxer) entry

Howdy. I didn't get any free time this morning since I sabotaged my 5:30am wake up by hitting snooze pretty continuously. I finally got up at 6 and started breakfast when Rose woke up. Followed shortly by D and Ry. What in the world? Don't they know they are supposed to sleep until 7am? Anyway, they all ate and then my niece showed up as I was logging in. (I am keeping her today and tomorrow.) She is busy playing tea party with Rose (right next to me, I AM paying attention to them). It's possible that my goddaughters will stop by today but I'm not totally sure.

You are going to have to take my word here, but it's been an hour since I started writing. That's how many interruptions I've had and also put some blueberry muffins in the oven. I guess I'm going to put up my surrender to the children flag today.

More tomorrow,

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