Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our Day Trip. Round 1

We went on a little day trip and had our picnic. Our first stop was the old cotton and corn mill. They now host shindigs like weddings and fancy parties (we saw someone coming in when we left; I think it was for a QuinceaƱera).
1-Row Cotton Picker (1949)   
We walked around the place and didn't learn much of anything. Instead of putting up educational posters under plexiglass there was a phone number listed on all the buildings and a number to push associated with each. I was kind of like...What!? Not only is this a self guided, at-your-own-risk sort of place, now I have to call and sit on the phone to find out anything! I didn't. Instead I totally made up stories for the kids.

I was pretty sure this old wagon hauled in the cotton or corn. The boys were fascinated with all the "old rusty houses".

I would love to finish this trip but I am still at the beginning. We have picnic, museum and park left. It would be the world's longest post ever so I'll break it up to keep us all sane. Since the kids just woke up and are now climbing all over me... I've gots to go. (Yes I did mean to say gots) They are hungry and I need the rest of my coffee.
See you tomorrow for Round 2- the picnic

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