Friday, July 15, 2011

Free-time. What's that?

Today the kids are at the zoo with their Pappy G (grandpa). So, I have the option of several very fun things that I'd like to do with my free time.
  • paint kitchen
  • finish painting bathroom
  • finish the floor in the bedroom
  • sort through toys
  • go shopping (but leave my dollars at home kind of shopping)
  • get a hair cut/trim
  • clean out the car
  • sleep
  • grocery shop. Alone. 
  • have a lunch date with my husband (probably least likely to happen)
My sister in law came over yesterday with her daughter E.J. The kids played happily all day. We made pizza for lunch, relaxed while the little ones took a nap and just caught up with each other. It was a pretty nice, low key day. I get to babysit E.J next week while her mama is doing a teacher workshop.

I've decided if I do go "shopping" in the city I will start buying school supplies. I will probably croak when I see how much everything costs. (By the way, I noticed that the pre-k list is longer than the kindergarten list. What's up with that?) I'm pretty sure in five years the list will be shorter but more expensive.
  • access to high speed Internet
  • personal laptop with webcam for "virtual classroom"
  • The End.
In other news... T texted me yesterday to tell me he dropped his phone in paint and will most likely need a new one. Hip hip to the hurray. He is thinking about getting a data plan also... for work stuff. So I may get to that joy today.

Until Monday-Funday,

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