Monday, July 11, 2011


The weekend is over. I've held back on all kinds of cleaning and now it's an ugly Monday. So, I have 347 loads of laundry to do (that's a rough estimate). I guess I'm used to that though. Saturday we had our pictures done. We drove over to my family's land (a whole 6 minutes away) and put on our smiles. The kids did great (we totally bribed them with promises of ice cream) until about half way through. Ry decided he was done taking orders about where to stand or who to look at. So while the rest of us sat on a rusty old wagon wheel thing he stood five feet in front of us, crossed his arms and glared at Jason. He and his wife were amused. (Thank goodness!) We worked through it and got a few more good pictures. In Ry's defense, it was 100 degrees, Mama forgot to bring any water to drink and we kept walking in circles. Luckily, my brother came down with his daughter (who is the same age as Rose) and he had a drink! The kids smiles morphed from huge exaggerated grins to barely turning the corners of their lips up. Rose constantly had her thumb in her mouth and I kept pulling it out and tickling her. My hair was everywhere! At some point I just threw it into a ponytail and said to heck with it. We had a really good time. I felt like we had a personal paparazzi entourage following us around. Jason is a great guy, very nice and very patient!
our first photo shoot, 2 years ago

If you are in Texas (specifically central Texas) I would highly suggest him. The great thing about using Jason is he gives you a CD of all the pictures so you can do whatever you want with them. He will even print packages for you. I really love the fact that we get to choose where we get our pictures done. No studio with a fake background. We literally had cows in the background in some of our shots. I'll post some pictures when I get the CD in the mail. I'm so excited to see how they turned out.

Me and D. 2 years ago.
Let's all have an awesome Monday,

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