Monday, January 23, 2012

what's happenin'

 1.) It's been a busy morning of toy (re)organization. I'm happy to say I am almost done and just have a few left to sort through. I did a major clean out before D's birthday back in November so this was mainly to give everything from birthday and Christmas a proper home. I don't know why, since I'm not a crazy organized person, but seeing dinosaurs, cars and trains all thrown in the same basket really bothers me. The same thing bothers me with Rose's toys. I have to have all her play food and kitchen things together, baby stuff separate from stuffed animals and stacking and sorting toys together. If I could be so organizationally motivated in my own room it would be amazing.

2.) My husband started a new job today. It's a drastic change from what he's been doing so I'm praying that he adjusts easily.

3.) I'm watching D put together an alphabet puzzle right now. He said he didn't need any help... he was right. It's so fun watching him figure it out.

4.) I have a overflowing basket of laundry to put away. It shouldn't be too bad since it's just the kid's clothes.

5.) All my kids are currently napping or resting (D just got up and said he was tired.) So I should finish cleaning up the huge mess I made with all those toys.

See ya tomorrow!


  1. Ooh, I love reorganizing things. If only it stayed that way!!
    Hope your husband's first day went well :)

  2. good for you! One of these days I need to organize Sebastian's clothes. The porker is already wearing 6 month outfits.

    Hope your hubs' jobs went well today as well!!