Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's not a crib anymore (update)

If you remember from Thursday Rose started scaling her crib and I was thinking of transitioning it to a day bed. Friday morning I took the front panel off (I followed the instruction manual) and she really enjoyed climbing in and out of her bed trying it all out. I know some of you were interested in how this transition would go. Here is an update of how the past 4 days have gone.

We went to the grocery store Friday morning and when we made it home Rose was sleeping so I laid her in bed and went on about my business. She took a long nap and was still asleep when T got home. Shortly after I told him that I had taken the crib apart we hear her crying... yeah, she rolled off her bed. She wasn't hurt, just startled because she wasn't fully awake. The bed is 15 inches above the floor (I just measured it). Anyhow, she was fine and I made a mental note to put pillows on the floor at bed time to cushion any other falls.

Bed time was a bit more interesting, however I can't remember all the details. I know she got out of bed a few times and I had to turn the light out at the ceiling fan because she wanted to turn the light on and run around. She did roll off the bed during the night and onto the pillows which woke her up and required a visit from mommy, but she went back to sleep fine.

Saturday night she woke up a few times (I think once was due to rolling off). Nap time has been  fairly decent except for Saturday due to her 30 minute nap on the drive home from town. She does crawl off the bed occasionally after I put her down for nap or bedtime, but I've been consistent in putting her right back on the bed and telling her she needs to sleep. So far it's worked.

Sunday and Monday night she slept all night, which was awesome. She hasn't rolled off the bed anymore, but I still have row of pillows next to her bed just in case. I think it's been a fairly easy transition. I hope I'm not jinxing things by saying that!

That's about it for now. Good luck to anyone else embarking on this "milestone"!


  1. I am glad its going so well! Rose seems really proud of her big girl bed! Annabelle is a bit of a drama queen so pillow cushioned floor or not I am still dreading making this transition.

  2. Love it! We recently did this with our oldest (for the second time!) who knew such a little thing could be so difficult?!