Wednesday, January 18, 2012

you call this "nap time"?

90 minutes ago T called and asked what I was doing. I told him it was the start of nap time and everyone was in their designated places and it was quiet for the first time since the kids opened their eyes this morning. I was searching for some sort of ear protection just prior to nap time due to an increase in volume for reasons I can't explain except that maybe those kids think it's funny to torment my sensitive ears.

D was quiet and content for about five whole minutes in his new space before he started with the "Mommy? Um, I'm hungry, what can I have to eat?" He always asks sweetly which is very clever on his part. Unfortunately for him I retain knowledge of what and when he last ate and usually I tell him he can have a piece of fruit. He usually declines my generous offer of a banana or apple and counters with "I want some cookies and milk", specifically, golden oreos. (Yes, I made a terrible mistake buying them a few weeks ago and they are evil. Evil in the I have to have no less than four six at a time sense. They are probably the worst thing I buy and I feel so guilty I hide them under a pack of diapers or a couple of loaves of whole wheat bread. Let me lick my fingers and brush these crumbs from the last three off my hands.)
ignore the obvious neglect of my nails and focus on that cookie

Anyhow, where was I? Oh, yes, D was trying to persuade me to let him out of his little tee-pee of curtains and I was firmly holding my ground that he needed to rest. Then Ry decided he "couldn't sleep while the sun was up" and tried his best to convince me it wasn't possible for him to fall asleep or be near his bed in the daytime. I put him back in bed no less than three times until he feigned the "I have to go potty excuse" and sat in there (quietly) for several long minutes. I finally gave up with D and his rapid questioning of foods to eat and things to watch/do and sent him outside to drive his power wheel. The only thing wrong I did was go into the room where Ry was "sleeping" (I found him under the fitted sheet) to get some socks and he heard me and continued with the "can't sleep" thing. So... I sent both of them outside. (I suppose I lost this battle today.)

You would think that's the end of it, at least Rose is napping, right? She took one hour's worth of nap (just enough to cover her in a blanket of crankiness) and is grabbing at my arms, crying about not being to find her shoes and continuing to open the door and letting the dog in to eat the crumbs off the floor as I type fast and furiously to finish this nonsense of a "nap time" that I've just had the pleasure of experiencing. That was a painfully long sentence.

I had the greatest plans for nap time today. I was going to make my grocery list and print out some coupons... I guess I can still do that. At least it's nice outside and I can send them out to play while I reminisce about what nap time used to be like. They do look like they are having a great time, though. I'll think I'll join them.


  1. You just sent me running to my cupboard for my own hidden stash of Oreos!!!!

  2. It's eerie. I was just thinking today I need to add Oreos to this week's grocery list. The term "need" is somewhat misleading. I will not perish without the Oreos. I'll just be whiny and make everyone else wish I would perish. ;)

    You're a good mom, lady. Hope you had fun today!

  3. How I miss naptime. Hold onto it for as long as you can!!
    P.S. The chocolate Oreos are my favorite.