Thursday, January 19, 2012

Don't Fence Me In

 *no children were allowed to climb out during the making of this picture*

(I could get right to the point, but instead I'll make this longer and more detailed than necessary. Because I can.)

Yesterday while we were outside playing Rose got really upset so I brought her inside where she threw an even bigger tantrum. After a couple of attempts to settle her down I told her she would have to sit in her crib until she wanted to play again. (She was in the throws of a full on, fists flying, back arching fit.) I put her in the crib with her blanket and walked out of the room to wait for her to stop crying. I checked on the boys and they were still safely enclosed on the trampoline and Rose continued her crying so I decided to check on blogs and email. Rose's cries were suddenly quiet so I got up to get her only to see her walking through the living room to me. Oh my word! She finally climbed out of her crib! (I say finally because she has climbed in before, with the help of a small nightstand- that has been moved, but hasn't been able to climb out.) I asked her if she had climbed out and she said, yeah, I wanna sit [with] you. So, I explained to her the dangers of climbing out of her crib and how she could get hurt, because I know my two year old fully comprehends the dangers of climbing... um no.

Bedtime comes and we put the kids in bed and settle in for some comedy on the TV only to hear Rose trying to open her door. She climbed out. She can't get back in her crib though so T went in and told her in a firm voice to not climb out and to go to sleep. A few minutes later her light comes on. She climbed out. Again. I went that time and put her in bed and she immediately threw her leg up to climb out and, needless to say, I didn't let that happen. She stayed in her bed after that. This morning I went and got her before she could climb out. I guess it's time to turn that crib into a toddler/day bed.

The boys never had a chance to climb out of the crib. They were moved into a regular twin bed between 13 & 15 months old. (I needed them out of the crib for new baby reasons.) Granted, the bed was not raised off the floor, so they couldn't possibly fall out of it. My fear is that Rose will simply not stay in the bed at all, especially for naps. I'm sure we'll have to adjust and eventually she will learn to stay in the bed... I went through it twice already, right? Except we still find Ry sleeping under the play table, in a tiny space, under the fitted sheet or directly in front of the door. I'd say 50% of his naps are taken on the floor. He just doesn't seem to mind.

We'll see how nap time goes today. The transition from crib to "day bed" is the removal of the front panel of the crib, so easy! Another step away from baby.(Aside from the fact that she is a two year old, holds complete (intelligible) conversations with us, feeds herself, is potty training herself and is forward facing in the car seat... Minor details.)


  1. holy cow!!! this totally freaks me out... I preemptivly hate the day Annabelle learns to do this because (and correct me if I am wrong) but throwing her in her crib is sometimes the ONLY thing that saves me from going totally insane when she is having one of her all hands on deck, code red, apocolyptic fits...dang, I was really planning on keeping her in a crib til she was like 8 or 18... you will have to let me know what you do to keep Rose in bed once you make the transition (and you how make the transition!)

  2. Haha! Good luck with that! I always needed my crib for other babies too ;)