Thursday, January 5, 2012

I wrote it anyway

It's nap time, glorious nap time in my house. I should be washing the dishes or sweeping up the abundant amount of crumbs on the floor, but I stopped and settled down with my computer for a few minutes. This morning I actually accomplished the near impossible task of putting the laundry away. All five loads that were awaiting me. I even cleaned up my bedroom while I was at it, although I haven't touched the nightstand and dresser clutter yet. It was kind of a mess. It makes me a little bit happier to have that done.
(little tip- a pair of pants had some dry caked on mud, so I rubbed a bunch of baking soda over it and then poured some vinegar over it. Stain be gone! at least for mud. Yea!!)

I am trying to get the house cleaned up really well by Saturday because we will be pretty much gone all weekend. Saturday while I get my hair cut and spend some time browsing through some stores (without my band of collapsing children) T is taking them to Pappy G and Grandma's house to watch football and be spoiled. (Maybe some T-ball registration, too.)
Sunday we are having Rose's party (at my mom's) so I will be baking cupcakes and pigs in blanket and decorating. Hopefully I won't be worrying about having enough food or fancy plastic forks. I'm feeling pretty chill about it.
I hate coming home to a mess so getting everything in order before we go out will be rewarding in the end.

Well, I have dawdled long enough and the quiet will soon be broken with shrills and jumping and those are outside noises!

don't forget to cast your vote for my hair! I see the side swept and away party is in the lead...

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  1. Ooh, thanks for the baking soda tip! I'll have to archive that one.

    Be sure to post pics of your new do on Saturday! Can't wait to see it!