Monday, January 2, 2012

Weekend Highlight

Yesterday we trekked to the back to set up a game feeder (not for livestock; for deer and wild hogs and hunting). The kids climbed up on this fallen tree that was laying across a dry creek bed, so I had to get their picture. They were looking so cute and isn't it sweet how the boys have their arms behind Rose to make sure she didn't fall backwards? (It was only about two feet off the ground.)

This was one of the few times Rose wasn't hanging on to me... she hasn't been feeling super for the past few days. (Cedar pollen really sucks right now.)

That's me. Sawing a Yaupon (yo-pawn is how we say it 'round here). They are so spring-y! I had to sit on it (obviously it wasn't like I was cutting down a giant oak or something) and sawed away until I had it done. It was probably 15 feet tall, but only about 2 inches in diameter. If my saw had been sharper it would have been effortless, I'm sure. T thought it was funny watching me hack my way through it. I cut a couple more down... just because I could (and they were in the way of the feeder).

The boys. They had a blast riding on the tractor and playing hide and seek. (They were so worn out that they actually took naps in the afternoon!) We had such a nice time. I even packed us a lunch and we had a picnic.

That's how we celebrate New Years.

(By the way, I fiddled with the blog... do you like the new layout? I like that my pictures can be bigger now and the posts are more centered.)


  1. I do like the new layout. I'm all for bigger pictures! :)
    Glad you had a good New Year's day!

  2. Your kids are so cute. And the boys -so sweet!!

    Love the layout switch up too !