Thursday, January 12, 2012

more vision updates (D & me)

We're back home again from another trip to the optometrist. This time it was for me and D. D's checkup went well and his vision has really improved! We are continuing to patch and do strengthening exercises. The only thing that didn't improve was his depth perception. (I was not even aware it was that bad.) Anyhow, our optometrist is referring us to a specialist she works with and we will probably have to see her for an evaluation and get set up with some in office therapy.

I do have mixed feelings on this. I am so glad his sight is getting better!! I'm also glad we caught this before it progressively worsened. I am glad we can do something to improve his vision. My sad feelings are mainly about cost of therapy (will insurance cover? will the doc accept it?) and the (probably) weekly visits to an office an hour away. I didn't expect to hear there wasn't improvement. Especially after Ry showed improvement across the board... I just thought it would be good news all over again. We'll do what it takes, though. It's good to know that we can do something!

I had my first eye exam and there was nothing to be worried about. My eyes are healthy and my vision is "better than perfect" (doctor's words). Oh, but I do have a slight astigmatism in both eyes (I'm told it's common) and have a prescription for reading glasses (although I could just pick up a pair anywhere; the prescription is because of the astigmatism.) My left eye is worse than my right and I have noticed while I'm focusing on things close up (reading, computer time) that my right eye seems to be doing more of the work. It's hard to explain but I have been aware of my left eye's lack of focus for a while. I did get my eyes dilated (the drop stung a little, but it was fine). The whole process made me much more aware of how my kids feel at each visit.

That's all for now! See ya tomorrow.


  1. If there is anything I can do to make the weekly visits easier, even if it's just watching the other two goobers, let me know.

    You're all precious to us. We'll help you make it work.

  2. glad your visit went well and happy that there is something that can be done to correct D's (even if the process is expensive and tedious)