Friday, January 27, 2012

ten happy things friday

1.) Early mornings with just me and him at the table with our coffee.

2.) Watching the sunrise and the misty fog coming off the water.

3.) Seeing my mom yesterday.

4.) Snuggling with Rose. Even at 4:49am. (I was going to wake up in 10-30 minutes anyhow.)

5.) Tomorrow is date night. I say that like we routinely have date nights... Ha! Glad that T arranged it and babysitters (thanks Pappy G & Grandma! and Ethan and Shauna- I'm sure the kids will seek you out in record time if y'all happen to not meet them at the door!)

6.) Paint. I have it ready to go and hopefully during nap time I can knock out the majority of the bathroom. I'll have to work fast!

7.) The kids getting along and sharing. They even want to share their fruit snacks with me! That's a big deal around here.

8.) The weather. Today our high is 70. (Tomorrow is awful with a high of only 57. Go ahead and roll your eyes everyone that lives north of the Red River.)

9.) I just realized I get to dress up twice this weekend! It's exciting to think about, but I know when it comes to choosing what to wear I'll be completely stumped.  Can't I just wear jeans everywhere?

10.) Good friends. The ones I know in person and the ones I'm making through the blog world. I really enjoy reading your blogs and seeing how similar and sometimes how different our lives are. Thanks for your comments (and for your suggestions on yesterday's post).

Have a great weekend!

1 comment:

  1. For a Minnesotan, 57 sounds like a heat wave!! I didn't roll my eyes, though ;)
    All wonderful things to be happy about!