Tuesday, January 17, 2012

some really fascinating stuff here

Accomplishment is a wonderful feeling and I am happily enjoying it for a brief moment. If you happened to drop by my house right now, however, it wouldn't look like I've accomplished much at all. The breakfast and lunch dishes are waiting on the counter for me and there are toys discarded throughout the house that form a trail from the bedrooms through the living and dining room and into the kitchen. I have a stack of papers beside me that need to be put away, expired coupons that need to be trashed and Rose brought me $1.28 in change that she found scattered on the floor.

Oh, but what I have done: filed some paperwork, updated an address, made sure we were registered to vote, downloaded a free book, constructed a "quiet place" for D during nap time (seen above), put a majority of the laundry away (actually in closets and drawers), vacuumed the den rug twice, found our leftover white and blue paint, paint roller and cover and am trying to decide how I will paint D & Ry's room without buying any additional paint. Tuesday just said, "Take that!" to my No Motivation Monday.  That's cool.

Now I'll just get that kitchen cleaned up and sweep the floor and it should look nice around here. If I get it done in less than 30 minutes I'll let myself have chips and salsa. What? Is it bad to reward myself with food? Oh well, what's done is done.

any riveting subjects you wanna read about tomorrow? I'm feeling a bit low on the blogging right now, which explains my list-post today. aye.

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  1. Whoa girl! You're on fire!
    Haha, I couldn't help but laugh - I always reward myself with food. A cookie for a job well done is my motto!