Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Some things we did

Yesterday we took Ry to his eye checkup. He is still making progress and we are continuing to patch and do eye exercises. His depth perception has improved and his eyes are working together more. He definitely has more awareness of using his left eye. We go back in three months for his checkup and one year evaluation.
T also had an eye exam and is getting some new glasses. (I've been telling him for two years that he needs new ones.) He came out of his exam and the doc came over and said, "So, he tells me you've never had an eye exam! Why don't you schedule one for Thursday when you bring D in for his?" Ugh. It's true, I've never had a complete evaluation. I've only done the vision test for getting my drivers license to prove I'm not blind. I suppose it's the right thing to do. I'm a little nervous, but have been reassured that it's nothing to stress about. (I just don't want to do the glaucoma test or have to get my eyes dilated.)

We rented The Help last night and watched it with my sister and brother-in-law. I was so excited about it, but it's different from the book. That's the problem with movies based on books. First if you didn't read the book there were a lot of things you are missing out on in the movie, especially background info on different people. I was somewhat disappointed in it. My sister and I took turns giving each other looks and saying, "That's not what happened in the book!" So, if you really want know what all the fuss is about you still need to read the book. 

Well, my house missed me the last couple of days. I think I'll clean the kitchen and then organize Rose's new birthday and Christmas toys... or just play with them. That sounds like more fun!


  1. I am SO glad to hear someone else thought the movie was a bit of a letdown from the book! ME TOO! Ugh, didn't you just want more of the relationships you fell in love with in the book to appear in the movie?

    Anyhoo....good luck with your eye exam! It should be fine! It's been fun reading your blog :)

  2. I loved the help too (The book)...less than impressed with the movie..but that is always the case with book inspired movies. always.

    nothing to worry about on the eye exam, they cant force you to get your eyes dilated!