Monday, May 2, 2011

The Saturday Party

I made approximately 14 hamburgers, toasted just as many buns, baked and iced the cake, decorated, cleaned and woke up the birthday boy early (from a lengthy nap) to celebrate his third birthday. We all enjoyed it and I managed to keep my sanity after a reality check from T early in the afternoon. Let's just say...I'm no longer allowed to plan parties. (I have a tendacy to Totally. Freak. Out.)

I think the party really got going when we moved outside to let the kids play on the trampoline. My niece was the only other child here and had never been on a trampoline (like me!). Of course she is only a year old (same as Little Rose) and I gotta say, she loved it!

We played catch (my sister has quite an arm) and talked while the kids played. Then it was time for everyone to go home and we had 3 kids to bathe and read bedtime stories too. Ry's favorite birthday card was a Cars card that lit up and played music. He had to have it when he went to sleep. He has it now for his nap, too. He loves it. I bet it wasn't planned that the card would be the major attention grabber.
He had a great time. That's really all I care about. Simple things are sometimes the best.
Like that chocolate cake I'm about to go eat.

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