Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Waking up at 5AM

To be honest, it's a challenge. To be honest again, I snoozed until 5:22. That's when our alarm/music shuts off. I made a special morning music mix that plays 22 minutes encouraging me to stay asleep. When I first made the mix I thought it would be so nice to wake up to...turns out it's also really nice to fall asleep to. I digress. I got up and made T some breakfast (he made the coffee, yeah!) and we got to sit and talk UNinterrupted for about 90 minutes. It was so nice. I really like waking up early and getting a nice caffeine surge before the kiddos wake up. I've conducted a very unofficial experiment with myself and waking  up early. The days I get up early are so much better than when I sleep late enough that the kids try to crawl in bed with me. Snuggle time is fine but when there's whining involved at such an early hour it doesn't go over well. It puts me on edge, makes me cringe, sets a tone for the rest of the day that only goes downhill. Waking up early definitely has it's benefits. I feel calm, cool and collected. The whining doesn't boil my blood instantly. I have more patience. I also have found I am more compassionate towards them when they are in a sulky, upset-by-every-little-thing-kind of mood. I also get more accomplished in the way of housework.

Here they come now. Marching their way through the living room. One of them is still sleepy and crawls  up in my lap. One of them grabs his milk and crawls up in the big chair in the living room. Rose stares me down while in her high chair. I have to go make them some breakfast. Then I'm off to the grocery store. Again.

More coffee please,

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