Friday, May 6, 2011

I Betcha Didn't Know...

1. That I "write" blog posts in my head while I clean the kitchen. I do it while I feed our chickens, too.

2. They are too deep to actually write.

3. I'm afraid of posting pictures of my family on the Internet.

4. I also don't use their real names (they didn't ask to be in my blog and I'm sure one day they will ask me to stop mentioning them in my blog) Did you really think T, Little Rose, Ry Guy and D-Man are the names on their birth certificates?

5. I've noticed a underlying theme in the blogs I follow and wonder if a higher being is trying to tell me something.

6. I may be trying to tell myself something.

7. Little Rose likes to throw things she doesn't want. For example: this morning's cinnamon toast, the wrong sippy cup, animal crackers, glasses that are sitting on the table between the living room chairs (drinking glasses not spectacles), Hot Wheels cars- at her brothers...the list goes on.

8. I'm making enchiladas for supper.

9. Number 8 wasn't that extraordinary... do you ever say extra ordinary? I bet you do now

10. When I laugh out loud reading other people's blogs I wonder if anyone has done that with mine. And then I think there's nothing really laugh out loud funny here. I'll work on it.

11. Writing posts unrelated to "adventures in farming" makes me feel like I've deceived some of you. When my farming adventures pick up I'll let you know; until then please enjoy other random things I post.

12. This list is getting out of hand. I betcha didn't know that one!


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