Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Randomness vol. 2

I'm sure I could go back and read the last post I wrote, but I am barely keeping my eyes open as it. This weekend was another "pedal to the metal" weekend. Saturday we got some home improvements done...almost. We have some trim work left but otherwise our project is working out quite well. I found some paint for our kitchen and dining room. It's called Summer Song and yes, it's yellow. I love bright kitchens! Two houses ago I painted a kitchen yellow and white and absolutely loved it.

We were at Lowes this weekend meandering through the flooring department and saw these interlocking foam tiles. T said we should put them in the boys' room since they are boys and like to randomly start tackling each other. So after I finally took off my "I like traditional flooring" hat we bought some. I'm glad we did. The boys love it! It's also great because we've been thinking about getting them bunk beds to give them more room to play. (We are taking back the playroom since they refuse to keep their toys in it.) I'm a little worried about the top bunk. I mean not about the bed itself but the way my children might use it. I'm sure it'll be a pirate ship, airplane, fort, mountain... but I'm worried about them falling off. I'm a little less worried now that we have this floor though. It would cushion the fall. A little.

Sunday we went to a graduation party. These people definitely knew how to throw a party! They had a bouncy house for the kids (Ry got his lip busted in it), a DJ for karaoke, a projector set up for the kids to watch a movie outside, and of course good food. It was great for me since I am a people watcher... lots of interesting people there. The lovely lady that graduated (from the University of Texas at Austin) studied Hebrew. She had some interesting things to say about the translation of some Old Testament stories from the Bible. It made me want to learn to read Hebrew. I don't think that's going to happen.

Monday was... Monday. It started like any other day but this time my early morning cup of coffee was followed by me having an anxiety packed hour or two over something I'm not ready to reveal on here. This was followed with a trip to the grocery store where I bought a new fancy trashcan. Then I moved around Rose's furniture so I can give her a nice play area in her room. Needless to say, it really frustrated me and I'll be back in there shortly to continue the self torture. (I, surprisingly, am not the one in this family that enjoys furniture rearranging.) Speaking of frustration and self torture...are there any places out there that have bunk beds as cheap as Ikea? I really don't want to go in there. I'd have them ship it but the shipping is over $100 and I'm really trying to be frugal with this.

My time is up here. I have hungry children staring at me...let's put our brave faces on.

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