Friday, May 27, 2011

Update via Pictures

 I am going to have an abundance of cherry tomatoes soon. That's not a's joy.

 We have already started picking some jalapenos. They are much hotter than we expected (and we like hot). We just have the one plant, but it has at least 20 peppers on it.

Already enjoying these sweet bells, too.

Here's one of our heifers. (Bovine lesson: A heifer has not had a calf, whereas a cow has.)

This is our friend's horse. She has been very camera shy lately. 

Here's my Starry Night Viola. Isn't it gorgeous?

By the time I got around to potting it I thought it was just about dead. It sprung back to life and put out a bunch of new growth. What a pleasant surprise!

Look, such a rare sight! I bet you've never seen Petunias before.

My Lantana. I planted this in the ground (of all places) and it seems to be doing well. I amended the heck out of the soil though.

Biggest surprise of all. Zinnias. I'm not sure if someone happened upon my blog and saw the lamest looking Zinnias ever and said a prayer for them, but they are looking mighty healthy now.

Remember? What a terrible sight.

After. Maybe the collective inch of rain over the past two weeks helped. It also looks like the bugs have been leaving them alone. 

I have my Goddaughters here today so I'm sure I'll have some stories for you Monday. Have a wonderful and fantastic Memorial Day weekend. (It's not just about backyard parties.)

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