Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Randomness Part ?

A lovely cold front blew in Sunday afternoon. I honestly can't remember ever having a high of 57 degrees in May. In Texas. I lost (misplaced) Little Rose's right Croc and still haven't found it. I have looked high and low, side to side, above and under and there's no sign of it. She loves wearing those shoes and so she has been begging me to "Shoe, shoe" her other foot. I'm sorry, Darlin', I don't know why your other shoe decided to leave us. If you happen to see it could you please let us know?

I managed to buy some perennials (on sale for us people that procrastinate) on Saturday. Hopefully I will get them in the ground in timely manner. Side note: Have I mentioned the zinnias I have growing? I planted them from seed and danced with pure joy when I saw they sprouted. I'm not sure what happened because they are supposed to be around a foot tall. Mine are more like 4 inches tall and have the most pathetic blooms I have ever seen. I will take a picture of them later to show you. I will also take pictures of the beautiful flowers I am going to plant when I'm done with other important things like feeding my kids lunch and making sure we have clean undies to wear. Vegetable pictures too? Of course, I'll snap some pictures of them too. They are amazing. We ate our first picked veggie last night. A jalapeno. It was hotter than we expected.

Have a beautiful kind of day,

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