Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tamale Angel

What are Monday's for around here? Usually it's a trip to the grocery store or me staring into a cup of coffee avoiding the housework that piled up over the weekend. This Monday was different in just a couple of ways... I actually went to H.E.B. before noon! I was packing up the groceries when a lady walked up to me and asked if I wanted to buy some tamales. Under normal circumstances I would have politely declined but she caught me off guard! I heard myself asking how much? And then saying that I'd take a dozen. Then she hurried off to wherever she was hiding them while I started sweating. (It was hot and I just bought tamales from a stranger in the parking lot.) When I finally got all the kids strapped into their seats she reappeared with hot, delicious smelling tamales. I paid her...I wonder how this all looked on the security cameras. It was only tamales! I swear! Anyhow, T was working about 10 minutes away from there and I called him up to tell him I was bringing him tamales for lunch. When I got out to where he was working (with my dad) the inevitable question was asked. "So, where'd you get these?" I had some 'fessing up to do. Both T and my dad were surprised that I bought tamales from a complete stranger in the parking lot of H.E.B. It's just not like me, you know. They stopped and ate some and my dad said they were the best tamales ever and did I get the woman's name and number? Well, no, I didn't. I didn't think about it until I was already gone. This led to another trip back into town to see if she was still there. I must have looked like some psycho as I drove down every aisle in the parking lot staring at everyone. She was not there. I even drove over to the WalMart to check if she went there. Nope. Is it possible she was a Tamale Angel? She did seem to just appear  out of nowhere. Wherever she is I want her to know those tamales she makes at home and decided to sell for the first time are amazing. Next time write your name and number on the bag! I want more and I don't know if I'll ever see you again.

In other news I'm filling up the kiddie pool and planting my flowers today. And right now I need to clean up the kitchen and put the clothes in dryer. I know, so very exciting!

All the kids are napping which means I better get something accomplished.

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