Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday of Few Words

The re arranging in Lil' Rose's room is complete. At least for this week. I left a few things out that I will need when I get to watch my Goddaughters on Friday. I am super excited! Now if I could get everything else I've started finished....

In the meantime here are some random pictures:

Opossum dog. Or is it Possum? What's the difference? Anyhow, that's her nickname.

Trace. He's our barn cat. He comes up to the back porch in the evening to meow at me if he's hungry. I have seen him hunting creatures in our neighbor's field while I'm headed to town. Lorie thinks she's his mother. I think he's a miniature cat...if there's such a thing. 

I just think this child is adorable. This was during a night out celebrating my father-in-law's birthday. She was dunking fried green beans in ranch. (Always delicious!)

Purty Mama. I call her that sometimes although she has no official name.

This cardinal was flirting with his girlfriend. I didn't even notice she was sitting on the other branch until last night. Can you spot her?

I'm still busy-busy,

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