Friday, May 13, 2011

Date Night & Pics of L.R.

Crazy, I know. T and I don't get to go out a lot without the kids, so since I have a Chili's gift card burning a hole in my pocket we're going out! (Thanks H!) I called up my Mama yesterday (after she had called me half a dozen times to keep me updated on the weather) and asked if she'd be so kind to watch the kids while I went on a date with my guy. As I'm sure you've already guessed, she said yes. I'm so excited y'all. If I'm not mistaken I think the last time we went somewhere just the two of us was... the time I passed out and nearly cracked my skull open. (You can read about that here.) I may be lying about it being so long since we've been out, but it certainly feels like it has been.

Blogger had some issues yesterday which prevented me from getting this post up this morning. I couldn't even sign in to do anything. I almost decided to not post anything today. Lucky you, I got so much accomplished this morning (and Blogger was back to normal) that I figured I'd go ahead and tell about my exciting date night plans. Oh, and I also wanted to share some pictures of Lil' Rose. (That's her rapper name.)
She knows where her milk, strawberries and cheese sticks hide out. Unfortunately we are out of strawberries and cheese sticks. She was not happy. She is standing inside the fridge and very proud about it.
 A little while later she decided she would be fine if I'd agree we could have beef for dinner. I did and she was so excited that she had to go change her clothes and get in her pretend car.
Maybe it was a plane or boat. I'm not sure, but shortly after this picture was taken she had a rollover. She toppled backwards and bumped her head and started crying like the end of the world. I scooped her up and was sitting on the floor with her in my lap and while she was still crying she pushed me away and crawled right back into that box. Only then was she happy. She lives on the edge. I'm serious, she is very bold. She literally laughs in the face of danger. I'll have to post a video of her jumping from the ottoman to my chair. She thinks it's hilarious. At least T will have someone to ride roller coasters with.

My time is up. Have an awesome Friday (I am),

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