Tuesday, August 7, 2012

tuesday short

Today is going much better than yesterday. It's been productive since I was able to take care of some business at the courthouse, stop by the school and get some info and pick up a few groceries. All trips were quick and painless thanks to my mom chauffeuring me around while the Jeep is getting inspected. And thanks to my in laws for letting Tim borrow their car and always being so kind and generous when we need it the most.

To top off the feeling of relief when things are being accomplished, my sister has been going through her baby things and invited me to take what I needed. So I went from having a few things to having a tote full of diapers, burp cloths and other baby items that were on my list.

Feeling happy. And now to see Holly and my Goddaughters to make today even better!

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  1. Are Holly and the girls staying with you guys? How long are they staying? If you get any picutres I would love to see!