Tuesday, August 21, 2012

thoughts on tuesday

Tuesday might just become my baking day. This morning I made banana muffins (a new recipe) and pizza crusts for D's homemade "lunchables". I may be becoming that mom. There's no sense in fighting it if I enjoy doing these things and D actually eats and enjoys his lunch.

We're experiencing some sort of End of August Cool Front in the weather department. I really enjoy 90 as a high instead of 101. There is a remarkable difference in eleven degrees. I hope this wonderful trend continues.

D rode the school bus home (well, to the agreed upon pick up/drop off location) yesterday. He really seemed to like riding and was thrilled when I told him he was riding again today. My favorite part of him coming home in the afternoon is the hug he gives me without me asking.

Ry and Rose are playing better together. I think they are getting used to our new schedule. Yesterday and most of this morning they were relatively quiet while playing instead of screaming because they accidentally looked at each other!

I guess I better clean up the mess in the kitchen. It's now or never.

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