Monday, August 27, 2012

another monday

Today a calf walked up the steps of my front porch and started eating the remains of my tomato plant.

I was one proud/happy mama when D's teacher told me how he is doing in school. He's making friends, is very sweet and gives her hugs when the rest of the class is acting a little rowdy and so far is just doing really well.

Over the weekend D went to a birthday party for one of the kids in his class (Tim took him) and apparently his friend that he talks about a lot and sits next to at lunch spotted him and ran across the yard yelling, "Hey! It's my best friend!" and gave D a big hug. And there was a collective "Aw!" across the crowd of parents, of course. I'm so glad he's making friends!

Yesterday we went to a little museum and the kids were okay, but I think Tim and I will have to go back without them sometime.... just too much "no touching" and "no running" for that hour of the day. And seeing how we went directly after church I think they were feeling a bit cooped up.

I am in the middle of making these cookies, only I'm making half with chocolate chips and the other half with raisins. D and I don't believe in raisins while the rest of the family seems to actually enjoy them. I don't understand it, but I love them so I double recipes to keep everyone happy.

It looks like someone came in and ransacked the house so I really should try to put things back in order. I better hurry while the kids are "napping" or it will be completely pointless.
Later lovely people.

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  1. Oh, J, I'm sorry about the tomato plant! I remember how happy you were when it was growing so well. Seems totally unfair y'all don't get to make that lumbering lumberer into burgers!

    I also know how much it means to you that D is enjoying school. It's nice we're not the only ones who experience his awesomeness. The "best friend" declaring situation sounds so sweet. I would probably get teary-eyed had I been there.

    Just remember, Dad, E and I are always up for babysitting!