Wednesday, August 22, 2012

smiling is good most of the time

I was in the middle of writing a very lengthy post about maternity jeans, but thought better of it and deleted, deleted, deleted in order to spare you from gouging out your eyeballs. Anyhow, I'll make it really short and just tell you that I finally got up the courage to purchase a new pair of jeans (giant elastic waist band style, of course) and hope that I guessed the correct size and am waiting impatiently for them to arrive via postal express. There, that wasn't too bad.

This morning after I dropped D off at his class I headed over to the church with my remaining kidlets for Chapel. Despite my best efforts to not be super early (I mean, we are already there, I don't want to sit in the car for 20 minutes so what am I to do?) we went inside and found a seat in the back (not very difficult since there were fewer people in attendance this week). I smartly packed some drawing materials for the kids and some snacks to keep mainly Rose occupied. We made it about 30 minutes (out of the 45 designated for chapel) until Rose got a very manic looking smile on her face and race down the entire length of the pew (we had to ourselves) and back. I refused to make eye contact with her because I have learned (the hard way) that doing so will only entice her to behave even more terribly. So I simply gathered our things and hauled butt outta there. This was after several attempts at keeping her entertained, asking if she'd like to sit in my lap, telling her to be quiet and watch the 8th graders do their skit about Job... Nope, she was already on the "I'm two and will do whatever I want" train. And she even said she wanted to leave. So we did. But here's the catch, we get to see D come in to chapel (he got to carry the offering basket for his class today!) and we get to see him go back to class UNLESS someone can't be quiet and sit next to her mommy. Happy she was as we walked out the doors until I let her know that she had just messed up her chance at seeing D. Maybe that is tragic enough for her to remember for next week. I doubt it very much, although she was in tears when she realized she wasn't staying to see D. I mean, he is her favorite. It sucked for me too, not getting to see him... I miss that boy while he's at school.

It's probably time for me to do something that is more productive than eating a taco salad and pinning cookies and more things to make and eat. To be fair, the reason I haven't done anything is because I've been playing "mommies and babies" with Rose. She is currently very into this and everything she plays with is either named mommy or baby. Today it was her toy giraffes and horses and they were at the playground. I am amused with her pretending because the boys were not very into that at her age... is it just a girl thing? Or maybe since they pretend more now she has just picked it up from them? Either way it makes me laugh, but I do have to be going now. Adios.


  1. So impressed that you play with your kids. It's such a simple thing but I'm just not good at it. I admire moms that are. Kudos to you.

    Oh and 30 mins? That's impressive.

  2. You are correct. Manic smiling is an exception to the "smiling is good" rule. She probably tried that on me and I was too stupid to recognize it. ;)