Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Today marks eight years of wedded bliss for us. I can't imagine my life without Tim. It would be so boring! Our first eight years have been a pretty wild ride. I didn't expect at least half of the things we've done or been through when I was planning our wedding and thinking about our future. We're very different people than we were eight years ago, but thankfully we changed and grew together. Every trial has made us a stronger couple and every bit of happiness and joy in our lives has been doubled just because we've been able to share it together.

So, Tim, thanks for eight wonderful years and I look forward to the next eight (plus all the future years after that).

(I would like to write a lot more about how wonderful Tim is, but I would end up all teary eyed and never be able to finish this post... because I'm pregnant and my crying has been elevated a trillion times above it's normal level. For example, Tim finally told me what he was secretly planning to get me for our anniversary (specialty cupcakes & maudies enchiladas- well, I assume enchiladas that's all I eat there) and I almost started crying- because CUPCAKES + MAUDIES = HE LOVES ME! and also knows me very well. I am making him a delicious steak and potato dinner and maybe if the stars are aligned just the right way I will also make some fried pickles. (I'm also making that for me, too, because we decided to go out to dinner on an evening a little more babysitter friendly.)


  1. Contests, my dears! Isn't it funny how much difference eight years makes while we're this young? I wouldn't be 23 again for the world.

    1. Contests?! My Kindle autocorrected "congrats". Ridiculous.