Friday, August 10, 2012

ten happy things friday

I just finished my coffee while reading blogs and then my parenting devotional. I threw a couple rugs in the washing machine and made oatmeal cinnamon muffins. My kids are still sleeping. It's 7:42am. They are usually awake by 7am; most mornings 6:30. So, this is a very rare and appreciated hour I'm enjoying this morning. (obviously written many hours before I finished this post)

We met with D's kindergarten teacher last night and I was 100% reassured that this school is the very best place that I could send him. His teacher is amazing and I've only met her a few times, but I know she absolutely cares about the kids she is teaching.

We got our Jeep back from the shop after four days of waiting for a taillight cover to be replaced. It's so good to have it back!

I am packing D's lunches for school because one, the lunch menu is pretty standard fair and two, I remember how I ate my school lunches- I didn't. So, I sat down with him this morning and made up a little menu of lunches to pack that I know he'll actually eat and will be somewhat healthier. (Is it weird that I'm excited about packing lunches?)

Just listened to Rose count to six... that girl is smart! And really cute!!

I think it might rain this evening, which would be really nice because things are getting brown and crunchy here.

It's after 5pm now and yes, it's taken all day for me to write this little post. That's what happens when you're interrupted 1.3 trillion times. I'm glad though, Tim will be home soon and it's the weekend!

I managed to power through some clothes puttin' away and now just have the kids clothes and the two loads I washed this morning to get done. I'll be honest... probably not happening tonight.

Freshly laundered towels. They're just so soft and fluffy!

And for numero ten... bean and cheese burritos for dinner. It sounds good and I have almost no energy remaining to cook anything else. Gotta go, rice is boiling over!


  1. I can totally see how planning lunches would be exciting! It's one way D will have you with him while he's away. There was always something comforting for me when Mom made my lunches. Just a little connection.
    Let me know when/how I can help, lady. It's about time I earned my place in this family! ;)

  2. Sounds like a lovely day! Except for putting away the laundry - I have three baskets that need to be either folded or hung up right now. Blah!

    Btw, when do you find out the gender? Or are you going to be surprised?