Sunday, April 3, 2011

Unpredictable Sunday

I know it's Sunday and not a usual posting day for me... what day is? Anyhow, it's been such an interesting morning I wanted to share. We captured an escaped cow that was really hauling butt down our road. It's not our cow but we felt we needed to stop it from reaching the highway. It came into our yard and now we are trying to track down it's owner.
T went to look for our cow and calf and ended up spying on a hog family. An actual boar, sow and piglets. He and Brenner (his dog) were on either side of them and T had his shotgun (he decided not to shoot this time).They got out of trouble and were heading to the house when Brenner "pointed" and T called him but he was off. I will have details about this later.
Yesterday the boys and T were talking about what to get me for my birthday which is at the end of the month. They discussed getting me a new computer which I shot down, a new camera which I considered and then shot down, new clothes (yes), a king size bed... I choose the king size bed on the crazy whim that they weren't very expensive. I was proved wrong and was left with clothes, possibly jewlery, and dinner out, because I just can't spend that much money without having heart palpitations. My camera is four years old and I can't directly connect it to the computer, but it still takes pictures and I have a very hard time replacing things that still work. My camera must have decided all it needed was that unwavering devotion from me to make it's life complete. This morning I turned it on and it started automatically zooming in and out. Then it told me to turn it off then back on. I followed it's instructions. It continued to tell me this over and over. I dumped the batteries and replaced them. It continues it's nonsense. Now, my dear friends, I can get a new camera. I am happy with the prospect of a new camera with advanced functions, however I have serious commitment issues. I am notorious for researching the heck of things, buying the best determined product, feeling deep buyers remorse, returning the product and then deciding it was really worth it and purchase it again. I am not kidding. I did this with my first digital camera I bought myself. Then T bought me the one that just died (I didn't have the buyers remorse or research panic attacks to deal with.) I have been researching a new camera for 2 hours now. This really isn't good for me or my family. It's lunch time though and instead of wallowing in self pity and undesired adrenaline rushes I'm off to fix lunch.
Goodbye for now and wish me much success,

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