Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Letter A

Yesterday while I was in the WalMart I found some alphabet flash cards for the kids. These are laminated and have a sentence with the learning letter dotted to trace. The kit included a dry erase marker and eraser. It is made by Crayola and was $8, the cards and all come in a handy hard plastic case so you will have a better time keeping up with them. The cards are front and back and both sides are laminated for writing/tracing. I snatched these up because I thought it was a good price and because my homemade flash cards really lacked pictures and creativity. D-Man is going to start kindergarten next fall (2012) and T and I have decided to really dive into teaching him the basics that he will need to know. He hasn't seemed very interested in the alphabet so I started out yesterday with just the letter A. We decided to focus only on one letter a week so that there is no confusion and he can really soak up all there is to know about each letter. For example this morning we spent approximately 10-15 minutes focused on A. He studied the flash card and then I spread out our homemade cards and had him find A after mixing up the letters several times. We also traced big and little A and he decided to write it on his own and did an awesome job! I was really impressed with how little time I felt we spent that he could already write it on his own. I also wrote out some sentences and had him find all the A's for me. He really impressed me today!


Here he is tracing A on Mama's homemade worksheet. (Please ignore my weird fingers)

Today is also my birthday. I feel no older than yesterday and I'm not telling my age. Not because I think I'm old, but because I like to keep you guessing. 

Have A Super Day,
 P.S. Here is a link to the Crayola Wipeoff Flashcards at Amazon.

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