Thursday, March 31, 2011

Homemade Flour Tortillas

Goodness gracious. Homemade flour tortillas are quite delicious. Earlier this week I mentioned how I was shocked that within a period of about 12 hours my family ate the package of 20 tortillas I had just bought. So, last night we went to a family get together for my uncle's birthday and tacos and fajitas were being made... we didn't have tortillas. (Actually that isn't entirely true, my sister brought a package over. I want to be a hero in this story so I am trying to leave that part out.) I had about 2 hours before the eating was to commence (in reality we didn't eat until like 4 hours later...always expect this when you eat with my family.) Since I have never made flour tortillas before I consulted The Pioneer Woman and found this recipe. It took me almost exactly 2 hours to complete the tortillas and they were absolutely scrumptious. Only thing I would do different is make more and add more salt (I didn't have kosher salt and made the choice to lower the amount when I substituted table salt). Supper ended up being delicious and no one really made a fuss over my tortillas although they did stuff them down their throats without complaint. T liked them and I saved some dough and made fresh tortillas for our breakfast tacos this morning. He told me I was amazing; what else do I need?

I don't think I have anything I want to write about at this time other than tortillas. The tortillas made me happy and I thought they could possibly make you happy too.

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