Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nothing Happened and Ry is 3!

That's a lie. Things did happen yesterday. The first significant thing has to do with Ry Guy and glasses. Then there is the other significant thing: NO rain.

For a couple months we have noticed something "off" with Ry's vision. We finally wrangled some money to see the eye doctor and (I was right) he needs glasses. He has what is called Strabismus or crossed eyes. His left eye muscles haven't developed properly and he also needs prescription lenses. I'm just really happy that this is a correctable problem. We get to start some eye exercises to increase his muscle strength looking to his left with his left eye. He picked blue glasses and looked super adorable in them at the doctor's office. Ry did amazing with the shape chart and would tell the doc, "That's another circle...that's a square...a heart...that's a house...I already told you, that's a square!" It got pretty boring for him but he stayed with us and didn't loose focus. Then we had to dilate his eyes. This was definitely the worse part. He hated getting the drops in his eyes, but did get a new car out of the treasure box for being a good sport. While we were finding him glasses he ddecided he was done and wouldn't look at me or the lady helping pick out his glasses. I got three pair on him before he went into "Let's get outta here" mode. (It had been 2 hours and past nap time.) I vetoed the Harry Potter glasses (I don't know what the lady was thinking when she put those on him), tried to have him try on a rectangular type which I didn't really see because at that point he was laying on the floor, so I choose the squarish frames that I did see on him for like 3 seconds. Overall, my 2 year and 364 day old son stayed on ridiculously good behavior for me. (Today is his 3rd birthday! We are partying Saturday although he is getting a gift tonight and I put candles on his cinnamon rolls this morning and sang Happy Birthday to him.)

As for the significant rain, which we desperately need, there was none. We have been under 2 tornado watches (Monday and Tuesday) with a whopping 20% chance of rain. In case I failed to mention it we live in Texas and are in an Exceptional Drought (which is the worst possible). I'm sure if you have watched the news (even national news) you probably have heard about all the terrible wild fires in Texas. We seriously need rain, but apparently all we can get is lots of wind (bad, bad, bad!) and tornadoes. Last night I was super hopeful because I saw this incredible cloud coming across the sky and it totally let me down. 

This cloud was moving south to north with the sunset
behind it. 

This was coming straight over our house moving the same direction but higher in the atmosphere. 

Nothing happened.

Even though I packed the diaper bag in case we needed to get to our storm shelter. (Which is just another house out here, only it has a slab foundation and is very sturdy.)

That was that. Now I need to get my list ready and head to the grocery store to pick up a few things. 

Happy Birthday Ry-Guy. Love you always and forever, 

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