Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dogs, Hot Wheels and Smells

This is going to be pretty random, just warning you.

We usually have our dogs kenneled at night but we decided to give them a chance at freedom and they decided to bark and chase owls all night. This did not go over well with me because I am not a heavy sleeper, although I can sleep through various noise, barking dogs is not one of them. And if you ever hear our dog Lori bark you will understand not being able to sleep through that. So, I told T that those dogs better be in their kennels last night and he retorted, "If a raccoon kills the chickens then it'll be on you." I really could have cared less since I like my sleep and all but I gave those dogs another chance. And they barked all night. I am almost certain that 90% of their barking is at the wind blowing. There's no denying that Lori let us know every time that dreaded mountain lion was here picking off our lambs, but there is only so much getting up to check on those barks I can handle. Now it's T's turn to get up and call them back to the house because I'm not getting out of bed in the middle of the night for dogs anymore. I eventually can tune them out, but it takes more effort than I'd like to exert in the middle of the night, you know? Anyhow, T said they blew their chance because they woke me up again last night. Ha, they didn't even know they were getting a second chance.

I don't like how my kitchen smells. Especially when I keep forgetting to wash the roasting pan I used last week and then shoved in the corner to let it soak. It didn't let me forget it last night. I even got the question, "Do we have a dead mouse in here?" Um, no, that would be my roasting pan.... Remember that yummy roast last week? Anyhow, you can't really forget something after your husband suggests that something has died in the kitchen. I washed that pan right away this morning. Gagging and all. Sorry, y'all. And don't get all grossed out about dead mice, it happens out here in the country. And even in towns and cities. Remember the Town Mouse and the Country Mouse? That maybe should've had a disclaimer at the beginning.

We ordered a trampoline for our Ry-Guy's birthday. Yeah, I have never been on a trampoline so I am pretty darn excited about it. And since they don't even understand the concept we have told the kids about it and how exciting it will be. I am also excited because I am hoping that it will keep them outside longer. Like, long enough that I can put away the piles of clothes that have started taking over my room. Maybe I am also praying that by them being outside the house will stay neater as well. I try to keep it picked up but it gets a little old when I clean the living room then go into another room and when I go back through the living room it's covered in hot wheels cars and trains. I scream a silent string of words that are unacceptable to say in front of children (or here) feel defeated and give up. What is even sadder is I keep going through their millions of toys and try to get rid of them. Then they find that box and discover "new" toys. I also can't get rid of the hot wheels because T said he would have noticed if any of his were missing as a child and my boys definitely notice when theirs are missing. I think they have them all memorized somehow. "Which yellow car are you looking for? There are 7 of them right here is it possible you could use one of them?" "No, it's the yellow car with the red stripe that I got 4 weeks ago and I forgot I even had it until today when I thought it'd be awesome if you dropped whatever you're doing in there and helped me look for it for a few hours." That is pretty much when I shout out a pretty awesome quote from that TV show with those characters named Elaine, George, Kramer and Jerry. It goes something like, "Serenity now! Serenity now!" It's a daily occurrence. You'll understand if you have children.

If you made it through that, thanks for listening.

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