Thursday, December 22, 2011

well... I guess it's random day

Yesterday evening I got my very appreciated trip (alone) to the store to finish up my shopping. I probably circled the store about five times getting everything on the list, but it's done! (I think! I hope!) The store was a bit crowded, as I expected, but at least I didn't have to worry about anyone else. The lady that checked out in front of me had her three kids, two helping with the cart of groceries that were probably 5 and 7 years old and a little baby in a stroller. She seemed calm and in control of things. It may sound weird, but I felt proud of her. I didn't even know her! As I waited for the mom to gather her things the cashier said, "She's got her hands full!" Yes, she does, and I know how it feels.

Today I'm supposed to make cinnamon rolls. I'm gifting some of them to various friends and family for Christmas. I probably need to make some more cookies to leave out for Santa on Saturday night, too. I need to get a roast out of the freezer and hope it thaws in time for me to cook it for supper. I will probably start wrapping some presents at some point today. As of yesterday we have one present under the tree. It's from me to T. The kids' gifts are all in my room and since we ordered them online I brought in two boxes last night when I got home that had been left at the driveway. The kids were very curious and asked if their Christmas presents were in them and I said yes, they were shipped from the North Pole from Santa so Mommy could help him by wrapping them. When Santa leaves presents on Christmas Eve they aren't wrapped. At least that's our tradition... started last year! Let's see if I can find a picture.

The trike and wagon were from Santa last year. Of course, so were the things left in their stockings (not pictured). That wagon really dwarfs our tree.

I guess I should get off the couch and do something productive. By the way, I just noticed that the Christmas ornaments have been rearranged on the tree. They seem to all be moving, very gradually, to the front and center. Competing with the angel.

Mister Gingerbread Man, what are you planning? The entire lower half of the tree is missing ornaments... except for two lonely ones hanging on the bottom branches. Very interesting.

Okay, gotta get going for real now. Rose is trying to scale the kitchen counter...

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  1. That is one huge wagon!!
    I need to wrap presents too, but they are all bought! Hooray!!