Friday, December 2, 2011

10 happy things for Friday

It's Friday! I'm in a good mood and I think that's it's going to last all day.

My number one reason for thinking this is simply: MUSIC. Music can always put me in a good mood. My musical taste is one mixed up jumble of greatness. However, my itunes library is lacking some of my favorite new tunes so I'm getting my fix through youtube and pandora this morning. For a couple years I thought music was getting super terrible, but all of the sudden there's some awesome songs/bands showing up and I'm so happy.
Another reason I'm happy is that tonight T and I are going out. We've been invited to the rehearsal dinner for our friend's Matt and Jessica (they're getting hitched tomorrow). The kids are welcome to come, but we have T's dad lined up to babysit seeing as it's probably going to be past their bedtime about 30 minutes into dinner. So, a night out with an awesome group of people is nice to look forward to.

I don't have to cook a real dinner tonight. I'm going to make something for the kids to eat, but not having to really put much thought into it is kind of a relief. (Not that I always put a lot of thought into dinner any other day.) That means less clean up, too.

(Pandora constantly creeps me out... am I really that predictable???)

Tomorrow evening is the wedding (in the middle of nowhere) and I never did go get a new dress. I really thought I'd get one, but I have a black dress in my closet that will be fine... ah, but moms and sisters are nice to have. I have an invitation to steal one of their dresses for the wedding! (This makes me think of Rose. I'm glad she has two God-sisters to steal clothes from. Hopefully they will be living closer sooner rather than later, though.)

It's raining. Rain is so good. Life giving. Life renewing. It washes everything clean. I have such a new appreciation for rain now.

Paper airplanes. I'm the queen of making paper airplanes in our house. It's pretty cool. (all the best paper airplane makers utilize scotch tape, right?)

 Coffee with cocoa and milk. 'nuff said.

T's pajama pants. Cause I stole them and they way more comfortable than mine.
Picasa. I finally downloaded it yesterday and made my new header for the blog. Awesome. Now I can make a bunch of colleges! Little things like that make me giddy.

Waking up and determining that today will be a good day. No matter how much whining I hear, fights I break up, screams about being clothed... and so far my resolve is working well. I haven't even heard any of that annoying stuff. There's plenty of time for it, but I think I'll be able to handle it quite well. Especially since I've got nine previously mentioned things to keep me in a good mood.


  1. I'm glad you're Friday is going so well! I agree, music makes the world so much better.
    I have Picasa, but I haven't played with it much. Now I'm all curious about it. I bet it's much easier than the header I made in Paint (a pain in the butt). Yours looks so much nicer, too. I'm gonna have to redo mine when I feel inspired. :)

  2. I love your new header! Great pictures.
    All great things to be happy about today. Have a great time tonight :)