Saturday, December 17, 2011

the P.S. is more important than my weekend

Hi there. It's another Monday which means it's time for the weekend update. We got to see our friends, CLB and Holly (as well as our Goddaughters) on Sunday. I loved getting to see them again! Their baby, S, is just shy of a year old (she didn't remember me- big sad face) and she cried when her parents left to do some shopping and get something to eat. I finally got her settled down when I took her outside to watch the chickens run around. It was a little chilly for her so after about 10 minutes I came back inside, she was not thrilled at this turn of events, so I found some Elmo videos on Youtube and she was so content she fell asleep. I thanked God for that, because I honestly can only take so much of Elmo. (Although I will admit, I'd rather suffer through Elmo than Barney and (cringe) Baby Bop- I swear she teaches children the whiny voice.)

We gave S her birthday present and the boys showed her how to play with it (a shape sorting picnic basket) and then promptly took off with it to "have a picnic". They were begging us to let her open it and now I know why. (Clever children I'm raising.)

Of course, like 95% of all Sundays, I made pizza and we watched the Sunday night football game. I even made it past half time and watched it in it's entirety. It was a quick game. I was also preoccupied with reading funny websites and getting ideas about where to continue my Christmas shopping... so maybe I didn't watch it in it's "entirety".

Back up to Saturday. I can't remember what I did. Let me think.... oh, we slept in and I made pancakes for breakfast. I know, riveting information! My mind is drawing a big blank right now. I also made lasagna for supper. I don't know why I can't remember anything else except for what we ate. Oh well. I guess I just cleaned up and watched Ratatouille for the millionth time. T was helping CLB do some clearing/cleaning up so when he got home we ate and then watched Lonesome Dove. D said it was his favorite movie and I had a huge burst of pride from that. All three of the kids like it. D and Ry find their cowboy hats and pretend they are Gus and Woodrow and Rose says yeehaw every time there are horses on the screen (so, pretty much all the time.)

Friday night we all went grocery shopping. We bought Forrest Gump and watched it when we got home. (the kids didn't watch it all) I even bought popcorn for the occasion. I don't know when it happened, but popcorn is like a special treat for us now and I rarely buy it. I don't mind, it's one less thing to put on the list.

Well, I guess that's enough about us. I'm sure more fascinating things will happen to keep this blog alive for tomorrow.

please keep
CLB's family 
in your prayers. 

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  1. Oh my goodness...I just read about Christine's family! How horrible! Thank the Lord he's even alive!! Poor baby...I will pray for them.