Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Details

Guten Tag! We had a wonderful weekend. Friday night we went to a rehearsal dinner, even though we were not part of the wedding. The food was yummy and it was nice to hang out with our friends before their wedding the next day. We got home late and surprisingly we all slept in on Saturday morning. It was a rainy/cloudy day. I spent the morning cooking waffles and then grocery shopping and figuring out what dress to wear. I decided on a old classic black dress I've had for years. (I smartly paired it with a cropped sweater since I am prone to freezing.) We packed up the kids and dropped them at my parents house for the evening and started out to the wedding venue. Since we left early (and the Longhorns were playing) we met some friends at a family bar/grill/Chinese restaurant/ice house to watch what we could of the game. When we left the ice house collaboration they had a live "band" playing Celtic music... so walking out was almost like taking a world/culture tour. It was... different.

We made it to the venue with time to spare and this was one of the best weddings I've ever been to. They started serving drinks prior to the reception (a big hit with all the guys) and due to the weather they moved the ceremony inside (to the reception area since there's no chapel) and we unknowingly picked the best table to sit at for watching the processional. I must say Matt and Jessica had told us Friday that they had a surprise that only T and I would understand... it was the music. They played the theme of Lonesome Dove. I think I almost hyperventilated I was so thrilled. The bride walked down the aisle to Canon in D (which made me tear up because I had that at my wedding). The ceremony was short and sweet. One of their friends is an ordained minister and performed the ceremony (very cool). The atmosphere was relaxed and laid back (which is a great reflection of Matt and Jessica) and really beautiful at the same time.

It was a late night! We didn't get home until about 2am. Sunday we got to sleep in again! It was raining (hallelujah!) so we hunkered down and watched football. The kids wanted to "cook" and we don't have a play kitchen so I improvised and drew a stove top on a piece of cardboard, took a small shoe box and turned it into a microwave and gave them a small pot that I was going to throw away. Rose has some tiny stainless pots and some food that she got for her birthday last year. I really want to expand on that for her birthday and Christmas this year. She has a blast cooking and playing with her tea set. They have a little table with two chairs and I gave them some small paper plates to play with, too. One of their specialties was tomato and pea soup. They really get a kick out of that cardboard stove... imagine if I got them a real fake kitchen!

Last night I made pizza (like always), but someone has started requesting three pizzas instead of our usual two. Well, I ran out of pepperoni and didn't have enough mozzarella for another pizza... So, I turned on my thinking cap and remembered I had bought a rotisserie chicken and bbq sauce on Saturday. BBQ chicken pizza was born. I really liked it and am waiting patiently for lunch time so I can eat the last two pieces!

I guess that's it for now. I have some important Internet browsing to do for Christmas. Who knows, maybe it'll spark some decorating spirit in me because I'm sort of surprised at how unmotivated I am to put up a tree this year. I almost just want to throw a construction paper tree up on the wall... classy.

later wonderful friends!


  1. Sounds like a great time! I'm glad y'all had some fun.

  2. I love weddings. And I love your header too :) But mostly the "family bar/grill/Chinese restaurant/ice house" made me laugh!