Tuesday, December 6, 2011

and then I laugh-cried and everyone went to bed

Did you know I never need to look at a clock to know when it's 4:30pm? It's true. I always know when it's that time because my children lose their minds. When I had one baby I didn't believe in this "witching hour" thing. Until I got pregnant with my second... and D would need immediate attention right as I started making supper or doing anything relatively important. He would cling to my legs and cry and demand to be held. This trend has continued and I'm afraid it may have gotten worse over the last couple of months. I'm praying/begging/pleading with whoever is in charge of this hour to end this trend because I think this is about as much as I can handle. At least the upset/angry/everything-leads-to-a-fight "witching hour". (About 50% of the time the "witching hour" is just my kids being happy-wild. I am much better with that.)

Spider Man made an appearance last night and fell off his bed. I had just told him and his side kick, Superhero Flying D, to stop jumping on and off the beds. When I returned to my residence (the kitchen) I heard another jump, followed with a hard land, followed by scream-cries. I gracefully scaled some obstacles (maybe one of my other children) and rescued a crumpled Spider Man. I saw some blood (from the nose) and luckily my adrenaline was in high gear (because the nausea attacked when we calmed down a few moments later). I grabbed some tissues and typed furiously into the search engine "kid fell off bed bloody nose" and deemed him fine. (honestly there was more slobber coming from his blubbering than blood from his nose) He was back to being his normal self a few moments later. (Which means he didn't slow down for very long.)

Everything seemed to be better after I gave them a slice of homemade bread. They were quiet for about a whopping 3 seconds. Then they tried to negotiate eating their supper... we'll just have bread, this stew looks yucky. (It was delicious!) Then a little smarty-pants appeared at my table and told me to give him more bread or I'm gonna take your computer away. To which I replied with a you don't make the rules around here mister! He spent some time in his room.

Rose was giving me lots of grief because I wouldn't carry her everywhere. She has been running straight to me and grabbing my legs and I keep on walking/doing what I was while she makes me drag her around. She also bursts into tears any time I put her down, give her an option of graham crackers or cheerios, give her juice, or have to peel her off of my legs. I'm not exaggerating. I have to have something to blame for her crazy actions over the last several days, so I am about 73% sure she is cutting a molar. Or two. I tried to pry open her mouth and look but that's a difficult task and then I tried to feel for one, but the fact that she thinks it's hilarious to bite my fingers frightens me.

The boys (neither took a nap so I'm sure that was a catalyst in all of this) were refusing to eat supper, jumping off their beds, trying to have an excuse for an ER visit, trying to punish me for feeding them, telling me No and not listening. I sent a text to T that read Mind is shriveling. That was after I debated sending him this one: I've lost my mind a million times already! They are trying to send me to a padded room because I made stew for supper!! What did I do to deserve this?! I decided that was a little much. I didn't want to scare him too badly. He called a few minutes later saying he was on his way home and I must really be having a tough time since I texted him about it and I rarely do that. He was so sweet. I may have laugh-cried (which instantly requires a moment of mommy isolation/timeout or she is sure to only see her kids during Sunday afternoon visits in a private courtyard on the outskirts of town.) (That sounds like a nice place... don't be fooled, it isn't.)

T made it home and the house was extremely quiet which may have scared him a little bit. I was folding some laundry (while Rose jumped in it, totally making it pointless) in our bedroom while D was still sulking at the table and Ry had just decided to go on to bed. T was very good with them. He put in bed and told them a story (I don't know what about but I heard Once upon a time there were two little boys who never ate their supper...). Then we put Rose to bed and she was unhappy about that. After a while of her mommy, mommy, mommy-ing I went in and she tossed her blanket at me and I hugged her and said it was night-night time to which she responded with, I want Daddy! I let her have him. Then I inspected her gums and administered some infant ibuprofen (not a full dose, however) she stole some bread from T and then I put her back in her bed where she blew me a kiss and said, bye Mommy! wuv you! She plays the game so well.

Those evenings are hard, but luckily they aren't the norm around here. I guess the whole point of writing this out is to keep things real. I usually don't write much about how the kids were misbehaving or me hiding in my room for 30 seconds to just breathe and find a happy place... So anyone else out there having one those kinds of days- you aren't alone!

Thankfully, today is a new day and we can start fresh. Hopefully we won't have any mega meltdowns or serious injuries. It's supposed to be nice out so maybe we'll go a long walk this afternoon to get the wiggles out before dinner time. Maybe I'll grace the blog again later today with something a little more lighthearted... we'll see how it goes. Have a happy Wednesday everyone!

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  1. Your night sounds exactly like one of mine last week. I think it helps to write it down, and let others know it isn't always sunny days and butterflies when raising kids.
    Thanks for sharing :)