Monday, December 12, 2011

our (sweet) weekend

 Let's start out with the weekend recap, shall we? Okay, Saturday we hung around the house and then went to the lighted Christmas parade in town. We were late to it, but managed to see the last half of it (and Santa). The kids loved it and Rose was waving to everyone telling them "bye bye". 

Sunday I hurried out to do some last minute grocery and birthday present shopping (for our niece). I took the Rose with me and we had a blast making circles around itty bitty small town Walmart. Our options were dolls (already has), Toy Story toys ($$$), Barbies (too young), plush animals (mm, nah). So I grabbed a penguin sippy cup (her theme was penguins and polar bears), a pair of (cute) pajamas and a skirt. While everyone was gathered we drew names for Christmas (the people we got were specific about what they wanted so it makes it tons easier!). 

Later we went to a dessert thing that T's dad had invited us to at his church. I think we were in sugar overdose when we left, but we had a good time. The kids were good for the most part... they were a little tired and 
kids+ sugar+ 60 minutes of be still & quiet!
  two of them had to be taken out. Actually, it was just the very loud, happy toddler, but after it was over Ry had a meltdown of epic proportions (according to T) because Thomas the Train was gone. (Apparently he saw him in one of the play areas and was gone when we went to look? Yeah, I don't know.) D was well behaved, as usual, always setting the standards way too high for his siblings to ever reach. (He takes after his mommy.)

We finally made it back home and sent the children to night-night land while T and I watched the Sunday night game. Okay, I watched until halftime and then tucked myself into bed. I don't know if T watched all of it or not. 

Well, I've been trying to be productive today and I must get back to all the little things that require my very divided attention. I am determined to get the laundry put away... there's nothing wrong with starting the week out with all of our clothes in their proper places. Such a dream. 
Happy Monday to you.

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