Tuesday, December 6, 2011

picture collage and farm update

Someone asked where the pictures were at in yesterday's post. It was not through a comment on the blog, but directly to me while I was eating my third helping of potatoes last night.

T: No pictures?!
Me: (chewing thoughtfully) Um... no? I wasn't sure if I should?
T: .....   (probably thinking about me begging him to go take some pictures FOR me while I scarfed down both pieces of our cake.) (He's a good man.)

So, while he was drawing our future house plans I was making a collage. (I saved you from scrolling through nine pictures, okay? You're welcome.)

I'm such an artist. And a preserver of memories. 

I have no transition here so we'll dive right in with the...

Farm Update

We went from a micro herd of cattle to a mini micro herd. If that even makes sense. They are my brother's and he picked up the two calves and one of the cows last night. So we went from 5 to 2.

Next up are the chickens. We have 22 or 23 chickens. They have steadily dropped their egg production to four eggs (at the most!) a day. I thought, at first, it was just the seasonal drop off... but let's think about it this way: they are getting old, which means fewer eggs, which means I am buying $15 of feed a week for 28 eggs (at the most!). Wow. Those are some really expensive eggs... are they made of gold or least silver?? That's something like 0.53 an egg.  Anyhow, it's not worth it for us to be sinking money and feed into non productive chickens. We do plan on getting a new flock next year, though. I enjoy my chickens for the most part and love the fresh eggs we get. However, I only plan on getting 6-12 chickens. Our main goal in this farming thing we are doing is to feed our family, first and foremost. I guess that's all I have to say about that.

I guess I'm off to try to make some bread. Maybe, or not, we'll see. (leaning heavily on the or not) I try to bake when it's cold out, but I also don't feel like moving much. It's pathetic. Especially since yesterday I did one load of laundry (wasn't even clothes) and didn't even bother taking it out of the dryer. This is a new low for me. Of course, Rose is punishing me for leaving her for two nights in a row this weekend... Velcro child at the max. Hopefully I'll be slightly more productive today.

update: it's always fun to catch errors after you publish... I know it's collage not college. Try to ignore it in your readers, okay? So sorry.

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  1. You're so funny!

    I don't know what I would do without spell check, especially considering I still get things wrong.

    I think you should take all kinds of pride in being a preserver of memories. I've actually known (been related to) a perverter of memories. Not as fun.